Romantic Gift of the Year


Once again, it is time to reveal The Romantic Gift of the Year. This distinction, awarded since 2006 by an amazing panel of judges and experts, is given to the gifts that will fire the imagination and lift the spirits and penises of lovers throughout the
world. As returning judge/sex kitten Oxana Prdkvickw has said so often, “The putting out of the sex should not be difficult. It just take a little romance."

The typical Romantic Gift of the Year is not an expensive bauble that dazzles the eye. Rather, they are reminders that lovers should be having fun. Romance is fun. Sex is fun. Fun is fun. And if anyone loses an eye, it’s all in fun.
Some gifts are just silly, frothy fun, and others are contractor-grade tools for making sure the job gets done. Either way, they are sure to make an attention-getting impression.

2011 presented some interesting challenges to the judges for Romantic Gift of the Year. According to noted getting laid expert Roms Steel, “For me,

2010 was a crappy year. There were even a couple days where I only had sex once or twice. So, I was looking for sure-fire romance starters. And we found ‘em.”

The Romantic Gifts of the Year are not difficult to acquire. A quick visit to Romantic will fill your needs, while keeping the process extra private. A click on any product heading or photo takes you to the right page.

If you haven’t been following the Romantic Gift of the Year announcement since it’s inception in

2006, it’s easy to catch up. Past winners have lost none of their effectiveness in increasing all sexual activity allowed by law in most states. Be sure to drop by the kinky environs of 2007, and the no-holds-barred fun of 2010. In fact, give all the years a look.

Click below for the winners of the

2011 Romantic Gift of the Year

2010 Romantic Gift of the Year

2009 Romantic Gift of the Year

2008 Romantic Gift of the Year

2007 Romantic Gift of the Year

2006 Romantic Gift of the Year

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