2010 romantic gifts

Remote Control Vibrating Panties
Chrome Bedroom Dice
52 Weeks of Naughty Nights
Melt Chocolate Body Fondue
Heart Throb Kit

Luxury Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Turn her on, wirelessly and from up to 20 feet away, with these sexy vibrating panties. You’re at dinner and she’s telling a story about her jerk of a boss. That’s very interesting.

remote control vibrating panties
And so is this! One touch of the remote control sends a wave of vibration rushing through her body. These Turn Me On Vibrating Panties are soft and sexy black lace, with silky side ties. They feature a full back and a secret pocket that holds the vibrating bullet and nestles right against that most sensitive of spots. The vibrating bullet has 10 settings, ranging from a soft purr to an intense hum. Batteries included.

Chrome Bedroom Dice

C’mon Little Joe from Kokomo, toss the chrome bedroom dice for new ideas to change up your sex life. Follow the instructions and you’re on your way. The Chrome Bedroom Dice
bedroom dice
are made out of aluminum, with a satisfying heft. The Bedroom Dice come with a sexy black velveteen pouch for storage.

52 Weeks of Naughty Nights

Here’s a year’s worth of great thoughts leading to you getting laid. Pull a card from the silk
naughty nights
pouch and see what’s in store for you. Box contains a supply of scratch ‘n win cards with naughty I.O.U.s, coupons, role playing suggestions and gestures.

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue

Add chocolate artwork to your lover’s body and then lick it off with the Melt Chocolate Body Fondue. The included paintbrush makes it easy to
melt chocolate body fondue
apply the chocolate to all the yummy body parts that need oral attention. Will you create a sweeping masterpiece, or individual pieces of erotic art? One 7.5-ounce jar of chocolate gives you plenty to work with.

Heart Throb Kit

Get both of your hearts beating faster with the Heart Throb Love Kit. It has everything you need for a hot night of, let’s not be coy, sex. The kit contains a vibrating penis ring, a bullet vibrator with a silicone finger sleeve massager, three flavored condoms, two Oralicious
Heart throb kit
pillow packs (flavored oral sex cream), one Liquid Virgin pillow pack (tightening lube), one Orgasmix Pillow pack (orgasm enhancement gel) and one Lotto Love Scratcher Game.


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